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Lexington Endodontics reviews

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Root canals are not my most favorite activity (!), however my experience with Dr. Sarkis and his staff changed my perspective completely! They are so genuine, kind, caring and always make me feel comfortable and taken care of. I live in Marblehead which is quite a distance to/from Lexington but it is worth the drive and I whole-heartedly recommend this practice/office! The level of service coupled with how accommodating and warm Dr. Sarkis is absolutely outstanding - exceeds expectations!
- Audra

I required an immediate root canal, and Dr. Sarkis and his assistant, Kristen, went out of their way to accommodate me. The procedure was surprisingly free of discomfort, and Dr. Sarkis kept me "in the loop" as he proceeded, step-by-step. The treatment was both state-of-the art and yet very personable. Many thanks to this highly professional team!
- Ron Pies

The whole team at Lexington Endodontics was just outstanding! Friendly, professional, and having done a fantastic job for me. I needed a root canal unexpectedly, and couldn't have been more impressed with the office, the staff, and Dr. Sarkis in all capacities. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Dr. Sarkis and will most definitely return to him myself if any future needs arise. A+
- Jonathan

A friendly office. Everyone made me feel comfortable the day of my first visit. Dr. Sarkis did an incredibly thorough exam before doing any procedure. Much to my happiness, he recommended a wait and see approach. No root canal needed - hopefully!
- Mike C.

Dr. Sarkis and his team did an excellent job on one of my back molars that needed a root canal treatment. I was in very bad pain and they really helped me. I felt very comfortable in his office and I would want to be referred to him again if I needed similar treatment in the future.
- Vincent Antonellis

Lexington Endodontics Reviews

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Lexington Endodontics Reviews on HealthGrades Lexington Endodontics Reviews on Google Lexington Endodontics Reviews on Yelp

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