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May 17, 2016
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What you need to know about emergency root canal treatment

Do you have a painful tooth keeping you up at night? You want to get rid of your tooth pain, and maintain a healthy, complete natural set Root Canalof teeth. Now, with modern root canal treatment, you can end your toothache and still keep your natural tooth. During a root canal treatment, the source of your pain, which is diseased tissue inside your tooth, is painlessly removed. This leaves you with a complete, and a pain-free smile. Lexington dentist and specialist Dr. Ramzi Antoine Sarkis at Lexington Endodontics in Lexington, Massachusetts wants you to know how root canals help end your toothache.

You may need a root canal because you have had physical trauma involving your teeth. Car accidents and sports injuries are common occurrences resulting in root canals. You may need a root canal because of deep dental decay or dental infection (called an abscess) which has reached the innermost tissue of your tooth, called the pulp. You also may need a root canal if you often grind your teeth (called bruxism) and have tiny cracks on your enamel. The pulp is where the nerve and blood supply are, and when the pulp gets inflamed, it leads to pressure and pain inside your tooth.

Lexington endodontist Dr. Sarkis will see you right away or within 24hrs of your emergency call, relieve your pain by painlessly creating a small opening in the top of your tooth. He uses a microscope and tiny instruments called files to clean out the diseased tissue. He will place a sedative material inside your tooth to help get rid of inflammation and pain. You will go through a healing period for your tooth to “calm down” and be pain-free.

At a second appointment, Dr. Sarkis will clean out your tooth completely and shape the inside. He will fill your tooth with an inert, rubbery material called gutta-percha and close the opening with a filling. On most occasions the whole root canal procedure will take place in one comfortable appointment. Root canals can help end your toothache or swelling and still retain your tooth. You owe it to yourself to live pain-free, have a complete smile and be able to comfortably chew your favorite food for many years to come. If you are located in Lexington, Waltham, Cambridge, Belmont, Burlington and Boston call Lexington dentist and specialist Dr. Ramzi Antoine Sarkis at Lexington Endodontics in Lexington, Massachusetts and find out how a root canal can help you. Call today and get rid of your dental pain in a highly specialized caring and comfortable dental office setting!

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